Building safe neighbourhood and green community for our children in Waltham Forest

The UK continues to suffer from a chronic shortage of housing, and particularly affordable housing. Community-led housing schemes could help to solve the national housing crisis, it is the innovative way to gripe the Britain’s housing shortage and to ensure the provision of enough affordable homes.

Fountain Self Build Group was established in 2015, by group of Waltham Forest residents. Who are suffering from poor housing conditions and overcrowded situation. Some of the group members have been on the housing waiting list for over a decade.

Fountain self build group aims to create a sustainable community of social and genuinely affordable homes. This will meet the needs of the self-build group and the wider community.

Our project will be a self-finish project, meaning shells of the houses are built by the contractor to a watertight condition. The role of the future tenants will be to undertake the internal finishing of the homes. For example all the internal carpentry, i.e., hanging doors, helping in fitting kitchens/bath, painting and decorating etc. The group will help one to other in completing their homes.